Kiwi developer working in Berlin.

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All of these photos were taken by me while travelling - three in Europe, one in New Zealand.

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picture of a river in the centre of the frame on a sunny day, flanked on  either side by large, leafy trees native to New Zealand with sunlight  kissing the tops

Christchurch, New Zealand - City Gardens

About Page

picture of a river in the centre of the frame at night. There is  construction scaffolding on one building to the right, a tall apartment or  office building in the distance, and the surrounding lights are all  reflected in the river-water.

Berlin, Germany - bridge to Museum Island

Contact Page

picture of a hill covered in green trees with a castle in the lower-right  that is built in to the hillside, with parts of it receding back into the  hill, and other parts extending out in front. The castle is off-white and  visibly aged. Part of the roof on one of the towers is missing.

Predjama Castle, Slovenia

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A ruined tower in the centre of the shot, clearly missing the top portion.  In front of the tower is orange-ish tussock through which rocks protrude,  and the remains of the walls that once surrounded the tower. The sky is  overcast, and the whole area looks dark, as though it has just or is about  to rain.

Dolbadarn Castle, Wales